How to Find the Landing Pages I created

In an broadcast email I am creating I’ve added a button. In the building blocks for the button link I choose Landing Page and the dropdown has several landing pages that exist. But I can’t find them or figure out what campaign houses them. How can I find them? I checked all of my campaigns but cannot seem to find them. Thanks!

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The landing pages that show are the ‘older’ landing pages that were created inside of Infusionsoft. Thew newer landing pages don’t show in that dropdown. If you are looking for a ‘new’ landing page, you’ll need to go to the campaign, copy the URL, then use that URL inside your button.

Hope that helps.


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Are we talking about landing pages or webforms. there’s only one version of landing pages but webforms have been around for a while.

Thanks Jeff!

But I’m puzzled to understand where they are located becuase I went through every campaign and couldn’t find a landing page “goal” and couldn’t find them. And they do work as I tried them out and have my logo in the landing page so I must have made them somewhere. ???

But anyway, I will indeed make a new landing page and go from there.

Thanks again!


Sorry, Frank. Misunderstood what you were saying.

The easiest way to find what campaigns the forms are in is to fill out the form using a test contact.

Then, go into that test contact and go under the ‘Campaigns’ tab (lower level - middle tab).

You then see what Campaigns and Sequences the TEST customer is in and that will tell you where the landing pages are located.