Facebook Browser not showing forms

My campaign forms are not showing on the Facebook browser, but they show well on Safari, Chrome, etc.
Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

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Hey, have you fixed this issue? It’s happening to me too! Thank you, Christian

No I haven’t and I don’t seem to get any help from here.

If you embed a Keap form on a mobile website and if it appears on the Facebook browser (eg when hitting the “Learn More” button from a post), the form won’t show.

I ended up using another type of form and then manually add my lead obtained into Keap.

Not happy about this at all.


This is the very first post “here” you’ve ever made…when did you ask about this? I’m not savvy on the FB end of things but I know people “here” that have more of a clue about it but it would be more likely known by those that keep track of the API Q&A than the general forum…mostly because a solution for something like this would likely involve something with code etc…

I don’t know how deep they go but sync2crm and syncsumo have add page and list features…might be worth a look?

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