Exporting Opportunity and Order Data Together

I need to be able to export the opportunity data and order data associated with a contact record in one combined export. Is this possible to do? I’m able to export these data sets separately, but not together.

Currently, the native export tool would not be able to combine these exports into 1, as you have found.

Outside of potentially being able to do some magic in excel, you may be able to pull data via the API to do this. Some of our other community members may have some insights into the possibilities of using API to accomplish a combined export.

Hi @Jake_Issacharoff,

Not sure the level of detail you need but might the ‘Opportunity Sales Report’ under CRM → Reports → Sales be a start to what you’re asking about?

We use too many custom fields for the out of the box reports to work.

I’m afraid the api would be the only realistic solution then.