Export task list with contact phone number and/or hyperlink?!

hey gang,

Has anyone found a way to export a list of tasks with the relevant contacts’ phone numbers and/or hyperlink to their record in it?

My boss is resisting using keap and I want to prove its worth by making it easy for her to access and activate the info in her task list without her logging in.


There isn’t a way to natively, automatically export, or export with a contact url.

You can set up a very simple integration using Integromat. You would simply pull a list of saved contacts, whatever saved search you want, and in Integromat you can pull the phone number and then you could set up a link that is tied to the contact ID that would feed to a Google sheet or email a CSV file. We do this all the time for customers.

We could set this up for you for $100.

If interested, email me directly (Jeff@4spotmarketing.com).

Thanks Jeff - will share this suggestion with my team.