How to export Task Notes, Email History, Form Submission associated objects

I am trying to export data out of Keap and into HS. Contact objects are easy as those export with properties and values no problem. But there are also items in the Tasks section of a contact record that I’m trying to export. These are items like Task Notes, Form Submissions, and Recent Email History.

Task notes I think I can do with the “Task Note Report” as it exports along with the Contact ID, but I can’t find a way to export Form Submissions (and include the contact ID and from fill values) and Recent Email History. Does anyone know of a way to export these other objects?

You are correct on the Task Notes report - that gives you Tasks, Notes, and Appointments.
Form submissions are not things you can export from Keap or access via API.
Email history is not exportable from Keap, but, via API, you can extract that data.

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