Everwebinar integation

Is anyone else having issues this week with everwebinar integration with IS…they are saying 5he issue is an IS issue. 3 times since last week 2nd Sept we’ve had 4 days of no data coming in from our registrations on everwebinar…that’s 30 or so per day not hitting IS…it’s getting to the point of us considering another CRM system ?

Any ideas? Ta :man_facepalming:t2:

Hi, @David_Key, What does Everwebinar say the issue is? I don’t see any bug reports on Everwebinar on our side. Do you have any details I can share with our Support team?

It’s hapoened 3 times since 2nd September - the Infusionsoft integration failed causing hundreds of records to missed a timed campaign …but it’s working now …

Yes, the issue was concerning HTTP posts failing when sending to WebinarJam/EverWebinar through the campaign builder. It was only affecting a small segment of customers. A fixed was released very recently for this. Sorry you had that experience. Let us know if you experience it again.