Email validation on clickunnels

Hello, I have a question on Email validation.

  • Our company sells educational courses in Teachable by use of Keap for the financial and marketing part of the business.
  • We utilize clickfunnels as the purchasing gateway to Keap
  • When someone enters an email address on the purchase page that is invalid, it isn’t known and a duplicate account is created with an invalid email address.

Aside from the API, does anyone have a way of validating the email address to keep from having duplicate accounts?

Thanks in advance!

There probably is an easier way, but we use Make (like Zapier, but better) as our 3rd party integrator. We set up a filter indicating that the email has to match a certain RegEx format to be valid. If that doesn’t work, then we have it set up to check phone number to try to find duplicates.


Jeff, thanks for that. We’ll check into Make.

Thanks again,