Email Broadcast Template links

Hi- I’ve been working in Infusionsoft for a year and have recently stumbled across an issue I can’t fix. I’m in the email builder, working with one of our templates which I’ve used previously. I want our logo to default to our home page on the website, as it has done in the past, but it keeps landing on our blog page. I’ve switched out and replaced the logo. I’ve started with a new template. What am I missing?

What is the URL you are using? If the logo is at the url/path you specify then it should show. If you are specifying the blog page then that is what will show OR if the url points to something incorrectly and your server is set to redirect when somethings not found, that would cause the same behavior.

I’m copying the url from our website home page.

That would be the reason then. The home page url is for the home page. If you need just the logo/image then right click on the image and select copy link so that you will have the correct path to the image itself.

Thanks for trying to help. The issue was solved by making some corrections to my profile in the branding center.

Ah, gotcha! Well, glad it got worked out :wink: