Email bounce type "mail block - known spammer" to MSN, outlook, live, hotmail addresses - email blocked bounced

This problem is massive and it is all MSN email addresses among my list members for two different businesses for this specific Bounce Type “mail block - known spammer”.

For the past month, each blast I send out, now has 15-20% being blocked due to “mail block - known spammer”. Clearly, this is a new type of spam protection MSN has rolled out across hotmail, live, outlook, etc email addresses since they comprise the ENTIRE list of bounces for this type.

Please advise the best way to move forward. I have been sending emails from the same address for years, I use my personal gmail address as the “From”. I did this originally to first combat MSN’s new spam filters which were blocking 50% of emails coming from my business email address. When I switched to my personal gmail, that fixed that issues. NOW, it seems MSN has done an update and I’m listed as “known spammer” to my double opted in list members who use the various MSN email clients.

I am going to do some more testing using different “From” addresses to get past MSN’s filter. Please post any information and advice quickly that I may follow to solve this.

Thank you

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I answered this here: An email bounced "mail block - known spammer". Should I be concerned? - #3 by DVM


We also experienced the same issue. After sending a broadcast email, 302 email bounced and most of them are hotmail accounts. How can we fix this?