Email address fields and dup checking

Are email addresses 2 & 3 included in the dupechecking process by infusionsoft?

Here is the list of field combinations you can set when deduping your database. Email Address 2 and 3 aren’t available to check against.

Thanks Martin, I was unclear. For example when a record is being checked when being updated, the email address is used. With the API, with 3rd party apps and things like Zapier, the email is checked. Is the main email address the only one used or are emails 2 and 3 used to find a record.

Sorry for the confusion


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As Marty has shown, the criteria in IS can account for more than email 1 as an option. Products using the api, however, do not know your criteria or wish to do more than email1. So email 1 prevails as the default it pretty much anything as there is no way to predict someones needs and use for the others. That being said, with the api, yes you could account for any of them and in any manner you wish. It’s not a matter of can or cannot but rather a matter of knowing the rules to follow, so email 1 will almost always be default behavior.

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