Ebook being bookmarked or marked as read in WordPress send info to Infusionsoft in the form of a Tag or something else

I have someone that is using Wordpress to host a membership to an ebook that has 52 Chapters. He is looking to have member’s mark the chapters as competed or bookmark the page, and wants after each chapter the customer bookmarks that it will send a recap or an email about that chapter, or apply a tag and within Infusionsoft he can start a campaign that will nudge them to keep reading. So maybe an API within Wordpress will have a tag applied if the customer bookmarks a page within the book and send that tag data over to Infusionsoft so he can do a campaign from there. If you are a developer and believe you can do this for him, please let me know and I’ll pass your information over to him.

@Lesley_Oliver. What are they running to manage the memberhsip? Have they looked into third-party plugins like Memberium? Using a tool like this will allow tracking of the progression and trigger goals in Infusionosft to run the campaign’s progression.