Dynamic Insert Form Details Into URL of Thankyou Page (Passing info through to Calendly) (URL Param)

I have a form on my site, which I want to pass through the details to the thank you page.

I constructed the URL with Contact.FirstName etc
Have the passed through information box ticked, but infusionsoft isn’t passing through the actual form.

When you hit the site. its just filled with ~Contact.FirstName~ instead of the name that was typed into the field…

Any ideas?


Specifying the name of the URL parameters required by Calendly is currently not possible with the method you described. One option would be to use Keap’s built in Thank You page as the Thank You page with a ‘Click Here to Confirm a Meeting Time’ button that passes the desired URL parameters through to Calendly upon click.

Please review the following response for another Keap user where I showed them how to do this for ScheduleOnce:

Hey Tim,

Thats exactly what im trying to do, it.

I already have the URL ready, its just that keap isn’t dynamically sending the information with the url.


(click the link, calendly works and accepts this, but the variables don’t change if your coming from an infusionsoft form)

This is assuming:

~Contact.FirstName~ is the First Name
~Contact.LastName~ is the Last Name
~Contact.Email~ is the Email
~Contact.PhoneNumber~ is the phone number.

(Nobody could even tell me if those were the right variables to be sending through. (On Keaps End))

But those variables aren’t being changed by keap on submit… how do we fix this?

@Liam_McDonald ,

While most of the merge fields in the URL you provided are valid Keap merge fields, you will likely want to use ~Contact.Phone1~ for the phone number. If you are storing the phone number in a different Phone field, you would need to update this accordingly, but Phone 1 is very common.

Calendly also recommends using %20, instead of the + between first name and last name.

With the slight modifications above, your new URL would look like this: https://calendly.com/clique-agency/30min?primary_color=ff0066&name=~Contact.FirstName~%20~Contact.LastName~&email=~Contact.Email~&location=~Contact.Phone1~.

It’s worth noting it’s unclear to me why the ‘location’ URL parameter maps to the Phone Number field within Calendly, but this does seem to work, so that portion of the provided URL has been left as-is.

From there, you’ll still need to add the updated URL to the correct location within Keap. I have provided additional information on how to do this below.

A. The ‘Web address option on Keap forms currently won’t work since Calendly is looking for specific parameters (for example, ‘name’) to be passed, instead of the default parameter names sent by Keap:

B. In order for Keap to properly update the merge code values, you would need to add a link to your Keap webform’s Thank-you page that says something to the effect of ‘Click Here to Confirm a Meeting Time’, and links to your URL with the merge code values: https://calendly.com/clique-agency/30min?primary_color=ff0066&name=~Contact.FirstName~%20~Contact.LastName~&email=~Contact.Email~&location=~Contact.Phone1~:

Once someone fills out your form, they would be taken to the built-in Keap Thank You page. When they click the link to confirm their meeting, the values would be merged into the link, which will auto-fill in Calendly.

is it possible to make that thank you page blank but then to auto redirect to calendly? with the correct URL in place?


You may be able to hide the link on the page and add some custom code into an HTML snippet on your Keap Thank You page that clicks the link and takes you to the next page.

If you are considering going the coding route, you may consider redirecting to a Thank You page on your own domain, parsing the values sent by Keap, then forwarding to Calendly with the URL parameter names expected by Calendly.