Dynamic Email Footers/Sections

Is there a way to build a campaign sequence where the footer (or any section) can be updated dynamically?

We are building out a campaign to send an email a day for an extended period of time. We are including sponsor information in the emails and would like to be able to update this information once every 2 weeks or so without having to update each email in the sequence.

Is this possible?


if by footer you mean the CAN-SPAM disclosure, then no, that’s static based on your company info.

If you are talking about just changing a name/link inside the email, you could use campaign merge fields and campaign links.

They are like custom fields, but only applicable to that campaign. Here is a link with info.


By using these, you can have those merge fields inside the email, then, every 2 weeks when you want to change, simply change those items inside the campaign and it will change the data inside all the emails.



No, there isn’t any way to make mass changes to emails. Once they’re created, they have to be modified individually.

Ah yes! Great suggestion and easy to do. Thank you!