Dynamic content based on customer attributes

I’m trying to figure out how to build 70 versions of an email from one template, where each version must pull in distinct content about a retail branch (logo, address, phone number, etc.) based on the zip code or city in which a subscriber lives (part of the customer record). Anyone know if this is possible, and if so, how to do it? Thanks!

I would set this up using custom fields and a 3rd party integration (Zapier or Integromat).

Create custom fields for the data that will be variable.
Then, set up a Google sheet with all of your variable data (one column is Zip code, logo, address, etc.)
Use the 3rd party to do a look up on the spreadsheet (so “look at column A. If it equals 90210, then grab the logo, address, etc. and fill in the custom fields).

If you do this, then you only need one version of your email that has those custom fields filled into it, but the email will be ‘variable’ because it will show the info that is applicable to that particular person.

If you need to hire someone to help with this, email me and we can chat.


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