Duplicate function not finding all of the duplicate contacts because of different email addresses

We are having problems with duplicate contacts in Keap due to the customer submitting forms using different email addresses. When I try to run a data cleanup, it is not catching the duplicates because the email is different for the same person. As far as I know, Keap does not provide an option to search on first name, last name and one other criteria (ie - country) in order to identify possible duplicates. I have tried asking support, but they have said there is not a way that they know of to do this.

  • Has anyone else had a similar issue with possible solution?
  • Is there a place in Keap, where I can submit feedback to see if this can be an added option?

We have over 19k contacts in our database. It is very difficult to try and do a check manually, tag them, then go through and merge the contacts manually. We frequently are upgraded to the next level in Keap, but I am concerned that it is because we have a lot of duplicate people.

Any suggestion is greatly appreciated!