Contact Clean up

I have a lot of ‘garbage’ contacts that have the same first name and last name. Is there a way i can do a search for that so i can delete them all in one shot. The names are different from 1 record to the next.

There isn’t really a native way to do that.

I use Integromat. I have it set for any new contacts that are created, send them through and check. If the first 8 characters of the first and last name are the same, I delete them.

You could do the same with a spreadsheet.

Export your contact with ContactID, first, last. This assumes ContactID is in Col A.

Run a formula in excel “=if(left(b1,8)=left(c1,8),”spam”,””)”

Anyone who has “spam" in column D you want to save.
Then, in Keap, go to Admin - Data Clean up - Modify Records
Upload the ContactIDs that have ’spam’ in col D.
When you are done modifying/uploading, click the link for ’see the contacts I just modified’
Those are all your spam people.
You can just select them all and use ‘actions’ to delete.


OK That should help, thanks