dsUpdate error Cutomer Order Fileds giving error

Can anyone send me IS API error code page URL to check error code details?
How to add/update custom field in Order with API?

Im using this method:

$app->dsUpdate(‘Invoice’, $invoiceId, $orderDetails);

where $orderDetails is array for custom field of Order, im getting following error:

ERROR: 7 - [NoTableAccess]Access denied to table Invoice

I don’t know of any documentation on Infusionsoft error codes, however, to update a custom field on the order table using dsUpdate you would do the same thing as you would with contacts. In your $orderDetails array add the custom field to the array in the same way as it is for contacts. So add an array element that looks something like “_customField”=>“field value”

Yes im doing the same way as you wrote, but im getting above mentioned error?

what error are you getting. Maybe starting there will be simpler.

here is the error already mentioned in my question

There you go :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: The invoice table is not writeable by the api and it isn’t the table to get/store custom fields on. You must use the order not the invoice. That is to say the “Job” table which is the order table (old name)


wow thanks for help!!!

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Make sure you check the Table documentation to see which Tables and Columns can be viewed, queried, edited, and deleted on.