Custom field in order doesn't update PHP SDK

I use three different ways for try to update a custom field in order and this can’t works I attach the code for this. I used laravel 5.6 btw

$data = array(‘_UUID’ => $request->input(‘uuid’));

in this case the sdk say this table doesn’t no exits
$update = Infusionsoft::data()->update(‘Orders’, $request->input(‘orderId’), $data);

In this case the function updateCustomField doesn’t exist
$update = Infusionsoft::data()->updateCustomField(‘_UUID’ , $request->input(‘uuid’));

This works fine but I check infusionsoft and doesn’t update
$update = Infusionsoft::orders(‘update’,$request->input(‘orderId’), $data);

someone have idea what is happening and can help me please?

The name of the table for orders when using XML-RPC is Job. The following should work for you.

$data = array(’_UUID’ => $request->input(‘uuid’));
$update = Infusionsoft::data()->update(‘Job’, $request->input(‘orderId’), $data);

Any update on this, I’ve been trying to do for more than two weeks and created two posts with no luck! where you able to figure it out?
Thank you

I use the table Job and works :), What is your query?

so you mean the reply above from Nicholas_Trecina worked for you?
Can you send me the exact line of code that worked for you!
Thank you so much for your reply by the way.

This is my code $update = Infusionsoft::data()->update(‘Job’, $request->input(‘orderId’), $data);`

did you try to use this on a dropdown list field type?
Thank you

I don’t know what do you mean. Please show me what you need in the code, for help you.