Do I need to integrate Infusionsoft and Moodle?

Hello All,

Looking for some guidance. The background is I work for a small educational company and my knowledge of both Infusionsoft and Moodle is limited.

We use Moodle to host our VLE course content and we use a Infusionsoft, mainly to capture prospects details, and set up email campaigns who have come through our website and social media.

Our most popular request is for a ‘sample’ VLE log in which allows them to visit our moodle site and view limited content.

How it works at the minute…

  1. Prospect would be guided to our website & complete a Infusionsoft webform. Details captured.

  2. I get a note to manually create a ‘VLE user name and password’

  3. I manually upload the new prospect onto our moodle site

  4. I then manually email each customer there log in details.

  5. I then manually tag the customer to start the sales campaign messages

I feel, we are missing out on opportunities due to the current drawn out process from the prospects request for information through ‘VLE log in’.

There are too many manual steps adding more and more time. Many requests are from Teachers working in the evening > could be 24hr later by time they get a log in. Many at this stage don’t even bother logging in. In this day and age, everybody wants straight in, first time!

So, I’ll get to my point! I need to improve the prospect experience and the process. Ideally on the lines of the below…

  1. Prospect would be guided to our website & complete a Infusionsoft webform. Details captured.

  2. Prospect directed to our Moodle site to create own log in details - User name and password

  3. Prospect immediate access to sample VLE content

  4. Infusionsoft tagging prospect and starting prospect sales campaign messages

Do I need some type of plug in to intergrate to Infusionsoft and Moodle?

…Or it is it more of a case once a prospect has completed a request Infusionsoft webform, gets directed to our moodle site.

Then is it the case I really should be posing this question to ‘Moodle support’ how prospects can create there own passwords?

What do you think?


Hey Grant,

I have the same questions.
Did you have a chance to get some answers in the meantime?