Discount Codes with a promotion code

I’m trying to apply a discount code to an order.
I have created order total discount code with a promotion code.
The same code is used with an order, but nothing reflects a discount of the total order price.
Is there any missing steps?

Are you a software developer integrating with the Infusionsoft API?
If not, let us know and we’ll get your post into the right place. If so, would you please provide us as much detail as possible, such as: the API you’re using, the URL, the payload sent in your request and the the response returned?

In addition to @mike.christianson’s questions, there are more than one way to apply discounts. By product or over all. A specific amount or by percentage. And then there are a couple ways to implement that. So what specifics are involved for what you’re wanting to do?

Hi Mike, John,

Thank you for a reply. Yes, I’m software developer and I have no problem with API calls.
I’m creating an order using the Create Order API call. I do have a promo code that is used in a Total Order Discount and the same code is submitted with a new order call.

I can verify the promo code is a part of the order and I can see it on order details screen.
However, as my understanding, the promo code does not fire up the discount because everything is done outside of IS shopping cart.

If this is correct, I think I could add a no-product item, that would reflect a discount we need, into the order invoice.
If it is not true, and we can trigger an order discount using promo codes through API, please let me know what step I could be missing to make it work.

A colleague of mine suggests the following, either:

  1. Set the item in the order to the discounted amount
    • With that, you could optionally add a zero-amount item named something like “discount applied”
  2. Add a second order item that reflects the appropriate discount at a negative-value.

The first might be:

Item xyz         $25
Discount applied $0

The second might be:

Item xyz    $30
Discount    $-5