API to validate or list promo codes / Discounts

Is there any specific API to list or validate the promo codes/discount added directly in the InfusionSoft?

Basically, we have our own custom payment form where we have only single product checkout. And we manually create the Order, Validate/add credit card and create the invoice.

Our need is to validate or list the promocodes (added directly into infusionsoft) BEFORE user checkouts the order. So that he can select particular promo codes or directly add the one he/she has.


Unfortunately we don’t currently have a sane method for listing promotional code items yet.

However, we do have an old Legacy insane one, that I just found out about while digging:

You can query Data.getAppSetting in the Legacy XML-RPC with a module of “Product” and a setting of “optionpromocode”, which gives a list of the ones currently available.

I tried that and it lists all the promo codes available in the system. It does not show the discount rate or any other information.

Is there any other API which shows us discount rates BY promo code Name?

No, as I said, we don’t currently have a good method for retrieving those yet.

Enhanced eCommerce resources will be future additions to the REST API.

Thanks, Tom.

Hey Tom, any update here? I also need get promotions information to display in my checkout.