Direct access to rest API without Oauth

We just signed up for keep and intended to use it for our to manage customers in our SaaS product. My struggle is that is seems that in order to use the REST API, only for our own keep account, we still have to build a full blown oAuth client for Keap.

This is quite a bit of engineering just to send some simple data about customers in our app to our CRM.

Is there a more direct way, NOT the XML-RPC api, to do this? It seems odd to me that Keap assumes everyone building on their API is building apps to share with anyone rather for their own internal consumption.

I just found this article, Making OAuth Requests Without User Authorization - Keap Developer Portal

I guess this is my answer. I cannot believe this is the expected way to implement this internally…

This morning we have released the Public Access Token and Security Account Keys feature to all applications. This is an additional way to manage Auth into the Rest APIs without having to utilize OAuth.

Additional information is available here
Postman collection is available here
Documentation around currently available v2 endpoints can be found here.