REST API Customization

Hello Team,

Message from my developer:

As a developer, I am working with Keap API implementation to our application. And in that, I am looking for some customization with Keap API (REST type) as below,

  1. I wanted to call the Keap API in the background of an application so that it will sync Keap data with my application.

  2. For integration, I found that we can use OAuth 2.0 authentication to get the token. Is there any other way to communicate with Keap API without using OAuth2.0?

  3. For #2, if we go with the OAuth 2.0 authentication, then I think it always prompt to allow application access. And user needs to manually allow access. Is there any other way to make it Silent?

Can we allow application access programmatically? If so, then #1 might be work.

I have spent much time on this but didn’t find any proper idea. Let me know if you need any additional details.

Good afternoon, John!

Once you obtain an Access Code from the authorization you can exchange it for a Refresh Token. That Refresh Token is valid for 45 days, and each time you trade it in you will get an Access Token valid for 24h that you can use to make calls. As long as you refresh that Refresh Token at some point inside the time window, you can maintain the authorization indefinitely and continue to make calls without further UI interaction.

Documentation is here, for reference: Getting Started with OAuth2 - Keap Developer Portal