Deleted order form

Hello all
When an order form is deleted, for example when you don’t need it anymore since the order form references an offer from the previous year) there is a standard page that leads the user to Infusionsoft Login or Home page. Is there a way to change this function to direct user to the home page of the app owner’s company?

Hi, @Drew_Juen. Essentially, when you delete an order form, you’ve created a broken link that will redirect back to Infusionsoft. What I would do is instead of deleting an order form is just add a redirect script in the top HTML area that redirects back to my home page (or another offer)

In fact, it would probably be a good idea to just create a new theme and call it “Disabled”, that way you’ll be able to see which forms are disabled when viewing your list of order forms and to disable them, you just have to change the theme.

<script>window.location = "";</script>