Deep linking to Infusionsoft mobile app from slack (Safari Browser not in-app browser)

Is it possible to use deep linking to infusionsoft mobile app from slack (Safari Browser not in-app browser)?

I really would like to be able to open contact records from slack in the infusionsoft mobile app. Is this doable?

I am trying to figure out a simple way to launch a contact record in the infusionsoft mobile app from a slack notification or maybe even a text message if deep linking from slack is not doable…

Not sure on linking within the actual mobile app (hopefully a staff member can weigh in on that one).

You could try linking with the new UI which is more or less mobile responsive now (aside from a few quirks).

Thanks Mark, yes, could do that… In fact, right now I’m currently using Macanta to open contact record. ( Without going into details, I have occasional problems with Macanta and not being able to log in. But ideally, macanta would be a fine solution with the auto login and being mobile friendly, however, it has not been working consistently for me.

Infusionsoft does however (I just discovered) have some new mobile solutions coming soon in June or July that should solve this…

Hi @Mark_Lancaster. I’m a mobile developer here at Infusionsoft. Unfortunately, that feature is not currently supported in our Infusionsoft Mobile apps. I’ve emailed this thread to one of our product managers as a feature request.

Can you provide some additional context on how you’re picturing this feature? Would the Contact Records be shared as urls that could also be opened in the web app? Or are you thinking a more specific integration just for Infusionsoft Mobile?

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Hi @Mark_Lancaster! I’m the Product Manager that Danny mentioned. Would love to chat about your needs and understand what job you’re trying to accomplish using Slack and Infusionsoft. We are working on creating a better mobile experience for users like you and having your insights would help us move in the right direction. Would you be open to discussing this over webex? You can schedule some time using this link AppointmentCore. Thank you!

Hi Danny, here is an example use case. All of our incoming phone calls are taken on a mobile device. Our phone is integrated with infusionsoft using After an incoming phone call is completed we have a slack notification through an http post to update the contact record for the call that was just completed. The link in the slack notification for updating that contact record is currently a link. Macanta is great, however its not he smoothest process. Ideally we would deeplink and open the contact record directly inside the infusionsoft mobile app to keep things simple and Its much easier to access. I just don’t know much about SDK integration and link configuration :slight_smile:

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