Database discrepancies between API and Web App

I am experiencing a discrepancy between data retrieved from the API and what is seen in the Web App.

Specifically, an API call to getEmailTemplate. I’ve been doing some testing and the data for the template subject reads B when retrieved via the API which is correct. The template was updated via the API and returned TRUE with this value.

However, when I then visit the same template id via the web interface, the subject field says A, which was the previous value.

Subsequent calls for the template via the API will retrieve different values seemingly at random. Sometimes A and sometimes B.

This may indicate a problem with database slave/master not syncing or something like that. However, this presents a serious problem for data integrity via the API at this time.

@Jared_Jackson, I would encourage you to always file a bug ticket via Submit a Ticket under Support on the Developer page if you encounter any issues, as those get routed internally to the correct teams.

We are not experiencing any wide-scale data integrity issues, but there may be some kind of long-standing XML-RPC persistence defect, as we have not done active feature work in the XML-RPC API for a while now.