Random/missing email templates titles (XML-RPC)

In my code, I’m getting Email Templates through “Query a Data Table” XML-RPC API method.
As a result, I get:

  1. All templates that are listed in Marketing > Templates.
  2. All templates that were ever created in any Campaigns.

And this second case is very painful and strange, because:

  • Most of them has no PieceTitle.
  • If there is PieceTitle it’s set/removed randomly (someimes template has not title, sometimes title is An email draft, sometimes Untitled Email) by some mechanisms on Infusionsoft backend and I can’t find the way to manually set such title permanently.
  • I cant find any way to remove emails created in Campaigns, which results that I have now almost 50 templates listed, and counting…
  • During editing such email template inside campaign, it’s title changes very often between An email draftUntitled Email' ↔ no title.

I’d like to store templates list inside my own application, but it’s very hard to identify templates just by their ID’s, especially when this ID’s are not easily available to get in campaign editor (I must inspect browser requests to Infusionsoft servers to get email template ID).

Are there mechanisms to have more control over email templates created inside campaigns?
If yes, please provide me some solutions.
Or maybe some improvements should be added to Template table schema?

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Unfortunately, at this time we are only bug-fixing the XML-RPC API, and we do not yet have a method for manipulating templates via the REST API. It is something we are aware of the need for, however.