Data relationships

Hi is there a schema doc somewhere of the data structures and how the relationship between tables are linked, if there is a relationship.

I do not want reverse engineer the relationship by query one table and query another time and try to find a collection with tables names and values.

Example: I assume there is a foreign key between Contact and Lead table?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

I can definitely say that the response time and feedback is exceptional.

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Hi @Belinda_Whitfield,

I assume you are aware of the table schema reference but I’ll link that here:

It’s not an ERD but is helpful. Also there is a graphic that you have to zoom in on to see but is helpful in looking at table dependencies. @Pav hosts it here:

Hope that all helps :wink:

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Thank you.
This will help for sure.

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I need to point out that Diagram needs to be upgraded as I have found more Table Relationships, plus there is a few other new API Tables.

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