Where can I find a schema diagram and/or list of keys and foreign keys?

I really want to understand the connections between the InfusionSoft database tables precisely. To do that, I need, at a minimum, to identify the foreign keys used and which tables that they refer to. A diagram would be perfect for that. About 3 years ago, someone had created and posted a schema diagram but I’ve lost it.

Do you, perhaps, have a link to a schema diagram or a specification of the foreign keys? I would very much appreciate seeing that. I don’t really want to have to recreate it via trial and error.



I’m sorry, but we don’t maintain a schema diagram for the XML-RPC DataService tables for external use, and the REST API models should be self-explanatory in the cases where they require foreign keys, such as the Orders with a required Contact. If you are indeed looking for the relationships between objects in the DataService, I would caution you to develop on the REST API instead if at all possible, as we do plan to eventually deprecate the XML-RPC API.

@Julia_Harold, you mean this?

@TomScott, please stop saying that you will be deprecating the XML-RPC API. That will still be in use for several more years. The REST API is no way near complete, nor it is the same level as the XML-RPC, you still have loads of work to do on it.

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Yes, @Pav ! this is what I was looking for. Thank you so much!