Custom Domain settings


Can someone show me DNS records that work for their custom domain?

For us when we try to set one up it never goes past the “It can take up to 48hrs for your domain to be verified” stage.

There are lots of conflicting info. I’ve tried these for the CNAME value:

And they all point to different A records. Yet they never work correctly. Anyone got this working and can show me how it should look like?

We also have a TXT record like: TXT “infusionsoft-site-verification=hwl757”

We’re on the Keap Max Edition.

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Did you figure it out? We are having similar issues figuring out which CNAME value to use.

Yes, custom domain is working for us.

Currently have a cname record pointing to

That’s probably the default Keap tells you to use.

I don’t think the “It can take up to 48hrs for your domain to be verified” message means anything. Probably generic message that is always there to say your dns record updates might take some time to propagate over to other dns servers. Not waiting for Keap system to update.

What really tripped us up is that we were testing with the http protocol. That would give us a generic error code (520 it seems EDIT: apparently a cloudflare specific error code so Keap is probably returning something else). Keap’s web servers only properly responds to https:// requests.

They really need to auto redirect http to https :confused: