Can’t create custom domain for landing page - Error 1014 - Cloudflare issue

Reposting here per the advice of Keap support chat…

Just wondering if anyone has run into this, or if any Keap staff has any info or workarounds.

The situation - The Keap Landing Pages for WordPress plugin has stopped working for us (it can’t fetch new landing pages), so I’m stuck with having to create custom domains for individual landing pages. Upon configuring the DNS, we’re getting an Error 1014 when trying to load the new domain/landing page.

The error message says, “You’ve requested a page on a website that is part of the Cloudflare network. The host is configured as a CNAME across accounts on Cloudflare, which is not allowed by Cloudflare’s security policy.”

Not 100% sure what this means, but my hunch is that both my domain and Keap use Cloudflare and have CNAME records set up, which is causing some sort of security conflict.

Hi Brody,

My first suggestion would be to contact Keap Support about this.

Alternatively there is articles about this, as shown below.

if the suggestions do not work, then you need to contact Cloudflare support to see if they can help.

Failing that, then it would down to Keap to make the necessary changes.

Hope that helps.

Well someone at Keap must have seen this thread and fixed the issue behind the scenes. I’m no longer getting the 1014 error!

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If there are any Keap staff monitoring this, I’ve run into this same issue again. Created another landing page, set up the custom domain, verified DNS is set up correctly. But then get the Error 1014 when going to my new URL.