Custom columns in Opportunites view

Infusionsoft developers, please please consider adding custom column fields to the Opportunities the way you have set up in the standard contact column view set up. Most marketing companies include questions with submission forms. The answers to these can be viewed in the contact column views, which is perfect. The rep doesn’t have to click around to find them before or during a call.

This really needs to be applied to Opportunity column views and seems to be an oversight. Like a lot of companies, our leads flow into the opportunities sales pipeline. without those custom columns my sales people have to click all over the place to view them.

No sales manager wants his sales team wasting time clicking around for prospect info.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider implementing this ASAP. Now I am going to have to spend hours figuring out a work around!

Email me if you want further clarification. This is really a must-have no brainer feature… the absence of which greatly diminishes the value of IS as a telesales tool.



Hi @Rep2-Evest_Two-Evest, custom fields are actually available on opportunity records via the REST API. They are considered an optional property so in order to include them in the response, add optional_properties=custom_fields to your URL and they will be included.

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