Regarding custom fields

How would I get the custom questions and their answers that are associated with a particular contact.
Because for now, I’m not getting that in response.
But there are two custom questions those are associated with each contact.

Start with what are you making the calls with? What language, what protocol if any and what implementation of api (xml-rpc or REST)?

Hi, I’m talking about REST APIs (JAVA).

k, so are the questions from a form submitted within infusionsoft or are they created outside of infusionsoft and not updating to infusionsoft yet? Using Java you can use the REST endpoints to retrieve information on a contact but are we still not that far? Do the contacts still need to be updated or are those values already existing and you just want to be able to read them?

Hi @Anurag_Dwivedi,

If you’re talking about getting contact custom field values when retrieving a contact via rest, you will need to add a url parameter specifying that you want custom fields to be included in the response: optional_properties=custom_fields.

If you need to get the details about custom fields such as labels for drop down values, you can use this endpoint.

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