Cross reference for contact field names

Is there a cross reference for the contact field names?
I want to match field names you see when viewing contacts while logged into Infusionsoft online to the field names used with the REST API and the field names used when you export contacts to a csv file.


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We don’t have any specific documentation around UI mapping. The REST API provides a layer of abstraction, so that end consumers aren’t tied to the (admittedly weird) naming conventions and structure that you may see with the CSV exports.


No there actually isn’t. What makes that more problematic is that if a field is un-populated then the api doesn’t return the field at all (not an empty or null, but doen’t return it at all). I handle this by initializing the entire set of fields in an array. Then when the reply is returned, iterate through the returned array with a foreach loop and assign by name the fields that are returned. This way it guarantees that all fields are present weather empty or not.