Creating New list for broadcast email

I am trying to create a new list for an email broadcast but the recipients will not load from my contact list - the little wheel just keeps turning. I have deleted the email and tried again and I have checked that the contacts exist. They do exist but they will not load. Do you have any ideas?

Hi, @Rhian_Begg. Sorry your experiencing that. I would try deleting browser cache/cookies and trying again. If that doesn’t work, call in to tech support and see if they can troubleshoot it.

Hi Martin,

I am redoing this but it is still not working. Can you tell me have a go about deleting browser cache/cookies please and what number I call for teach support. I am new to this so v confusing

Thank you


Here is how you clear browser cache/cookies. Just click the link for the browser you are using and it will give you step-by-step instructions: How to Clear Internet Browser History

Here are the support numbers:

Monday-Friday, 6am - 7pm (MST)

U.S. support line:
+1 866 800 0004

UK support line:
+44(0) 808 258 0093

AU support line:
+61 1800 730 419