Creating API calls to notify one app that another app has hit a goal

So, if one app blasts their list, lets them know about a great affiliate offer, includes links about the offer (which is on a landing page hosted by a second app), then how do I create an API goal in app 1, that is triggered by the opt in from app 2?

I know there’s a way to do it, just not sure what that is…


@Adam_R_Fromson, that would require custom code written and hosted on an external server, as explained last week.

If you just need a solution to this problem, I’d recommend finding a Developer Partner to help you create something that works best for your case. We have listings in the Marketplace that may help.

Otherwise, if you are a developer looking to get started using the API to create a unique solution:

We have a variety of resources available for those that would like to develop on the Infusionsoft API, most of which are accessible through the Infusionsoft Developer site.

First, you should review the acceptable use guidelines for integrations accessing the Infusionsoft API.
Next, set up a developer account to get credentials to use.
Then, use either an SDK or read the REST API or XML-RPC API documentation to get started developing.

Best option is to create a
Saved search from the goal completion report and pull the information periodically

Thanks Tom, I will go back to the drawing board on studying the API documentation. In the meatime, I’ll simplify this with link click tags in the first app, and collect fulfillment lists of everyone that took that action to see if there was a gap between that and the opt in so we can create any potential follow ups with the contacts in the first app.

I appreciate the response on this!