Creating a "programing event" when applying a tag that has already been applied. Similar to a Hook in Wordpress

One major issue with Infusionsoft is not properly capturing when a tag is applied that has already been applied. Sure we can have campaigns to apply then remove tags, but infusionsoft clearly knows when a tag is already assigned to a contact. Therefore can we “hook in” to the event when a tag is applied and run our own php script when this occurs.

I am thinking of something similar to action-filter hooks in wordpress where we override any default behavior which is simply stating in the contact’s record “Tag already Applied”. Ok so Infusionsoft has a function to create that association/property/db entry… associated with a contact object, so can we trigger any kind of event from when a tag (certain tag or all tags and use a bit switch statement)?



There are hooks to capture when tags are applied but a tag is not what you are describing. They’re meant to signify conditions or assignments but once an assignment is made, one can’t re-assign it because it already exists. If the need comes for a new assignment of the same then that is indeed a new event or occurrence. So I’m wondering why it seems to you that it would be worth going through all that effort rather than the simplicity of just removing the tag before re-applying it? It sounds like a hard way to a simple problem?

Regardless, the webhooks work the same as the UI. If a tag is already applied, it won’t be “re-applied” and trigger the hook. There is no way to “detect” a tag application on a contact that already has that tag set.

Thanks for responding John. I figured there was not way of doing that.

We use tags to help show what a contact has done, where they have been etc. (using Memberium extensively). Basically it would be great if a tag had fields where we can see when they were applied, say in an array so they are not so boolean but can tell more of a story, say sales team looking at the activities. For example, we tag based on a certain product purchase, but if they purchase again, the tag itself doesn’t have properties to show that. I know I am asking a lot from infuionsoft. They started out calling tags “groups” right. :slight_smile:

But anyway, we can be creative and have tags that are added and taken away to start campaigns and historical tags so we see the contact’s breadcrumbs.


Hey @Mike_Hughes,

I certainly understand and in fact, we hook the tags and update a backend database so that we do have the date/time information. Unfortunately, the only real dynamic list that infusionsoft offers are notes. That being said, if you applied a note at the same time you remove and re-apply a tag, then at least you would have a date/time trail.