Contacts left in Campaign

How do I remove contacts that are still queued in a campaign?

If you have contacts that are queued in a sequence (meaning they made it to the end, but never moved on, or it was the end of the campaign) you can pull a report of these contacts via the reporting mode of the campaign. Once you pull the report of the ‘queued’ contacts, you can select any or all of them, and run an action to Stop a Campaign Sequence.

I threw together a quick visual. I have 130 contacts that made it through my campaign sequence, but there was nothing for them to move onto, so they fell into ‘queued’. This quick visual shows me navigating to my campaign, switching to reporting view, and accessing my report to view the queued contacts. Then, I select them and run an action to get them out of the campaign. Take a look at this. 2017-10-19_1150


Thanks very much! I was able to make this work.

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