Contact Management

We hit our contact limit. I think we can remove 10,000 contacts by exporting them to make room for new active contacts. I do not want to remove contacts though, that may not have been active recently but will likely come back to us. Our client typically can use us over a 5-10 year period. I want to remove contacts who entered the system between 1/1/2018-12/31/2020 and who have not been updated since 2020 and never made a purchase from us (they won’t have an order in their record)

I can’t figure out how to compile that list. Help!

If they are tagged as ‘customers’ …

Go to Contacts
In the search criteria, enter the ‘Does not have ANY of these tags’ and enter your customer tag.
Go into the misc criteria. Set ‘Date Created’ to the 1/1/2018 - 12/31/2020
Set “last updated” to the same interval.

That should get you people who are not customers, were created during that timeframe and were last updated during that timeframe.