Code block looks different in OB emails

I wrote code to insert a set of hyperlinks, and it looks perfect in the campaign builder, but loses the style when the email is sent. it goes from this to this. Any ideas on how to fix that? I am a novice with HTML, this is literally the first thing I have ever built, which was without a builder, until I needed to make italics and change font colors, but it doesn’t seem to let me select the font and size. I was told that perhaps the builder is the issue, but I wrote the original HTML right in the code block, and it looked the same, except no color change or italics.

Here is the code: Screenshot by Lightshot (Sorry that format is not ideal, but it has too many links to post here.

Any help is appreciated!

WSO sig block.txt (2.0 KB)

Hi, @Carolyn_Gomes_de_Ara. Can you upload it as a text file?


Done, thanks for the tip!