Campaign Fonts

Is there a way to upload/use other Fonts in a campaign?

Inside the email builder, over on the left, are 3 Options. One of them allows you to control the font of the text inside the emails.

LOL - I know that Jeff - I meant if there is a way to use fonts that I’ve downloaded from other websites!


The only way that could possibly work is if you were doing something advanced with the code block, but it isn’t something I would recommend because the email system is fairly locked down and some code works and some doesn’t.

Being I don’t know what “Code Block” is – That means I need to stay FAR away from it!

Jeff, I want to thank you for your time and obvious abundance of knowledge!

I cannot wait to be someone, like yourself, that can answer questions as you do!




Glad you find the info helpful.

Yes, I do!

And I really do appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions…’

Who knows - Maybe one day I’ll answer one of yours!! :champagne: