Clickfunnels integration, download a PDF in CF and create an event in IFS

HI. We’re just getting started and using Clickfunnels as well.
We want to create an event in IFS when a PDF is downloaded.
we’d want to know which PDF, the customer, when, add that info to the customer file and use that info to trigger future emails.
Clickfunnels says this would require some java programming.
Currently the only way IFS knows about a PDF download is if the link comes directly from IFS.

We support some RestHook events (docs/types), if that is what you are referring to?

Hi Tom.
I’m not a programmer, and not familiar with RestHook events.
What we’re looking for in lay terms is this:
When someone in our clickfunnels opt-in funnel clicks on a link to download
a pdf, we want their customer file in IFS to know about it, so we can send
appropriate emails. (I hope you enjoyed the…, thanks for checking out
our…, etc).
At this point in our opt-in funnel, IFS doesn’t know where the person is in
their process. we get their name and email, but nothing else till they
purchase an item in clickfunnels.

We can store the PDF anywhere, but the link to it is in clickfunnels.
I hope that’s clear.

That question is a bit more than I am able to address here as an API-specific concern; have you looked into contacting a Certified Partner for assistance in designing your workflow automation, or possibly scheduling a consultation?

If the file is being downloaded from Infusionsoft, I think there is a file download goal in campaign builder. I would have to run that down to be sure though.

Thanks Brad, that would be really good news. Please let me know what you
find out

I asked support and they said you can use a basic link click goal in campaign builder. It can point to a file hosted by Infusionsoft or anywhere else. You should be able to tag accordingly by having different link click goals for various pdfs that need to be downloaded. I am by no means an expert, but I would hit up support for more detail if you need.