Clickfunnel Webform Not tagging


I have integrated clickfunnels with infusionsoft, and have setup the appropriate webform for connection. I have followed several examples on how to perform this integration.

My problem:
My contact is being created in infusionsoft, however, tags are not being applied. I don’t know what I’m missing as it appears I’m doing things identical to tutorials, etc. Any help would be appreciated.

Let me also add that i have tested the webform on it its own, and it works without issue…ie. creating the contact and tagging.


Hey Greg:

I haven’t been ‘hands on’ inside ClickFunnels for 2-3 months, but here are some thoughts:

  1. Make sure that your web form does not have any required fields on it. I know that they used to have an issue with integration if your webform has any fields marked as required.
  2. I don’t recall ClickFunnels being able to apply tags to your contacts. The tags would need to be applied in the sequence after the web form goal. So, you set up your web form, and upon submission of that web form they go into a sequence. Inside that sequence you apply any tags that you want. You’ll set up a new web form for every ClickFunnel you create so you can apply different tags for each form submission.

Hope that helps.


Thanks for the reply.

I removed required fields from the form. My form has “fist name” and “email”, with a submit button.

I have the campaign setup so after the webform is completed via Clickfunnel, I have it set to apply a tag. However, the campaign seems to stop…ie. my test client info is being collected, but the campaign does not continue to apply a tag.


Make sure that after you remove the required fields, you republish and take the new, republished code, and replace what is in your ClickFunnels account, as the CF account will still have the old code. If you test it after doing that and it’s still not working, then I’d suggest contacting CF support to see if something is glitching.


Thanks again. Tried your recommendation a couple times, and still not working.

I’ve submitted the issue to Clickfunnels as well.

Well - I found a way to do this using HTML code. This is now working…ie. capturing info, tagging, and triggering the goal. Not sure if it’s the CF API or not. Still waiting for a response from CF.

I’m pretty sure the Clickfunnels-Infusionsoft API is no longer working. I have had problems with it since December. The only work arounds are what you did by importing HTML code or utilizing a 3rd party service like Zapier. The Zapier integration between Infusionsoft and Clickfunnels does still work.

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I had the same problem and it took 5 ClickFunnels support chats until someone actually helped me.

So, yes, as another comment stated, the Infusionsoft API does NOT work.

But, you can use the HTML Null integration instead. This works great. Here’s what you need to do…

  • Make a web form in Infusionsoft
  • Get the non-stylized code
  • Remove the script section at the bottom - no script tags at all
  • Paste into the ClickFunnels HTML integration
  • Match the fields at the bottom
  • Publish away

Of course you need to connect that form to a sequence and add the tag you want, but this is only way I’ve found to make ClickFunnels actually initiate a sequence.

I hope this helps!


Thanks for the replies. Works perfect with the non-stylized HTML code. Just need to remember to add the redirect link for the thank you page.

Thanks so much for this suggestion. It worked perfectly and I’m back in business.

This is not working anymore. I followed Billy_Robbins’ instruction.
The contact wasn’t added on Infusionsoft.

Whew! What a lifesaver! This just ended hours of headache :grimacing: . Thank you!

Does the new Infusionsoft API v2 fix the problems with Clickfunnels integration?

From reading support posts here and on the FB pages, no, it still has issues and most partners choose to set people up with the Zapier connection which is more stable.

Ouch. I am trying to launch a major funnel and now am very concerned.

The product setup on an order form let you select to trigger and action and then select Add to and Run Campaign but it doesn’t then let you select what form to put them into or what Sequence inside that campaign.

I really don’t want to pay for a Zapier license.

Can PlusThis somehow be used to add them to Infusionsoft?


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