Changing the Verbiage on Invoice

Is there a way to remove the

“Outstanding Balance” verbiage from an Invoice?

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I think what you are looking for should be found under

E-Commerce > Settings > Quotes & Invoices

From there you can see Default Order Invoice Template with a drop down and Edit and Add buttons. It’s a robust editor, allowing you HTML and everything.

Are we on the same system?


When I go “there” – These are the options I have…

Do you have full privileges on your account? You’re either missing a lot on that page or it should be if you scroll up from there. If you have a full administrator account, follow up with InfusionSoft support and find out what’s going on.

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No way!!

Yes, I do have full access. Global in fact.

I’m contacting them now - Thank you SO MUCH!

To enable access - I am to change the field “Enable payment collection on Invoices?” to NO - Then I have access such as you.

Unfortunately, as you probably know, that field is what makes the Invoice Mobile Responsive - So I’m curious how you “do it”?

So - They are sending to development and I’m looking (now) for a 3rd party App.

One would think modifying our own Mobile Responsive Orders/Invoices would be something done in a Builder by now??

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