Changing Person type to "customer" in contact record automatically

In the contact record, we’re trying to automate the process of changing the “Person Type” to “Customer” when an order comes in. Right now we’re manually selecting it from the drop-down box whenever someone orders for the first time. Is there a way to have that automatically update whenever an order comes in from our store? (Our orders automatically import from Shopify). I looked around in the action sets, but couldn’t figure out how to set a rule that had to do with an order coming in to trigger that update. Any ideas?

Use a product purchased (shopping cart icon) trigger in a campaign with a sequence using a set field value element. Choose person type and what you want it set to.

Or if you want to go old school you can choose an action under the eCommerce menu. You should see five default actions and one should be a successful purchase. There you can choose to “set a contact field to a specific value.”


Thank you!

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