Changing ownership of Infusionsoft accoutn

I have an account that I established for my business through a consultant, who is paid by me and in turn pays for the account.

I want to take over complete control and responsibility for the account, and the consultant indicated I can do that at any time, but I need to contact Infusionsoft.

I cannot find any information about how to take over my account so that I pay directly and it is completely owned by me.

Hi Robert. So, to clarify, you pay your consultant for the application, and he pays the account, correct?

If this is the case, than the consultant would need to reach out to Infusionsoft Support, to start the Application Transfer process. Our team will work through a quick process to share a document with both the current owner of the application, and yourself, to exchange the ownership rights to the application.

The process will give direction on updating the billing in the application. The current owner of the application needs to start this process, though. In your scenario, it sounds like the consultant currently is the “owner” of the application.