Centering an Image on an Order Form

I am trying to center the Image at the top of an Order Form. But I know nothing about Code. How can I do this?

I’m not a coder either, @Tracy_Jong so what I normally do is use Online Photo editor - image edit and resize the canvas the width of the order form and position my image on the canvas in Pixlr before saving it.

Ok thank you. I will try that

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I tried that but the box said: the file was too small. So it would not work. Any other suggestions?

It’s how I always do this so I’m not sure what else to suggest, Tracy. I make the canvas in Pixlr 960 pixels wide and about 150 to 200 pixels high and then center your image in the middle. Make sure to size the image first to fit the height you want. Or size the canvas height to suit your logo image.

Ok…more helpful hints. Let me try this again. :slight_smile:

can you link to the order form?