Can't view entire workflow

I can’t view many of workflows in full. The top and Left in particular are cut off. If I need to see further right I can zoom out but the top and left are fixed. The scroll bar at the bottom doesn’t help.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Are you referring to the view of the canvas in Campaign Builder? If so, you can right-click your mouse and hold it while you drag the entire campaign around and put it somewhere you can see it. This isn’t a permanent fix - the next time you go into your campaign, it will be right back where it was (because you’re not actually moving the campaign, but moving your view of it - kind of like moving the center point on a map).

To make that change permanent, you need to right-click your mouse and hold to capture the entire campaign and move it down & to the left a bit. Then back out of the campaign again. When you go back in, it should be all within your view, so you can right-click and hold to put it where you want it to be from now on.

I’m not sure why some campaigns get bumped right up at the top & left like that, but it’s happened to me also & this is what I do in my apps and in my client apps.


I can easily move the canvas around using the right-click drag method, but try as I might, nothing happens when i “right-click & hold”

Thanks in advance.

They are both referring to doing the same thing. It was assumed that someone would know they had to move the mouse.

I did not catch this part of the original message. I was searching for a ‘permanent’ fix so thougt maybe I just was not doing something correctly. Very odd IFS does not allow you to reposition the top-left corner.


I did note how to make that change permanent in the next paragraph - in fact, I did this in my own app & two different client apps just yesterday.

Here’s a quick video on what I meant: Moving Campaigns on the CB Canvas

Thanks. I have been doing it that way. Just surprising that IFS would not have a better way to do it. The quick video was great.