Manipulating Campaign Builder workspace

Is there a way to manipulate the campaign builder workspace? Zoom in and out? The size of the workspace is limiting the extent of my campaign. Feels like there should be a way to zoom in and out/ scroll. I’m not seeing this in Chrome or Firefox. Am I missing something?


You can right click and drag/move the background so that you can create a larger campaign.

Also, you can zoom your browser (Chrome - using the three dots next to your image in the browser window) and that will shrink the working area (I do that a lot for large campaigns).


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That did the trick. Thanks so much!

Hi @Allie_Brittain, and welcome to the community!

To build on what @Jeff_Arnold said, I’ve noticed that, with a mouse that has a wheel in it, I can do Ctrl+Wheel Up and Ctrl+Wheel Down in Chrome to Zoom In and Zoom Out as well.