I keep losing my campaign on the canvas

I will be working on a campaign, then go back into IFS and when I reenter the campaign my canvas is blank. I have the click and drag for ages to find my campaign. Any idea why this would be happening or what I can do do to stop it?

Hi Hayley.

I’ve got into a habit of putting a Note goal at the very top left of the canvas when i go in with a brief description of the campaign.

Then I just make sure I use that as my ‘starting’ point when designing campaigns.

You can then select and drag your content to that point on the screen.

I’ve been into apps and been unable to find campaigns before and my only solution then is to zoom out to find it.

Hope that helps


PS there might be a better solution, and I’m always learning new things, so I look forward to what others say as well :slight_smile:

It sounds like you may have moved your campaign on the canvas to an area that is off screen. The way to fix this is that you need to grab your campaign elements and move the whole thing on the canvas. You may need to shrink down your zoom on your browser so you can see more of the canvas. Once you do that, highlight everything on the campaign and then move that toward the area of the grid that is what shows up when you first open the window.